Close-Ups Of Mystique In Uniform And Other New X-Men: First Class Photos

X-Men: First Class is a 20th Century Fox movie, and what that means for you as a movie fan is, they’re going to be pretty stingy when it comes to showing you anything from the movie on the internet. So here we are just a couple of months away from the movie’s release, scrabbling around for decent still photos of the movie’s mutant cast. Earlier today we got our hands on this pretty cool shot of Magneto doing his magnet thing, and now here’s a few more photos, one of which is our first decent look at Mystique in full X-Men costume.

Here’s Mystique:

X-Men: First Class Mystique

Wondering what Mystique is doing dressed up like one of the good guys? In the other X-Men movies, which First Class is a prequel to, she’s pretty clearly a bad guy. But like Magneto, she didn’t necessarily start out that way.

The character is played by Jennifer Lawrence, whom you might remember from such places as the Oscars. She was nominated this year for her amazing work in Winter’s Bone.

Here’s what Lawrence’s Mystique looks like, when she’s more intent on doing the human thing. Personally I think it made more sense when the shape-shifter who can look like anyone chose to look like Rebecca Romijin, but I suppose Lawrence isn’t a terrible choice:

X-Men: First Class Jennifer Lawrence

Hank McCoy seems to like Mystique’s choice in human shape-shifting at least:

X-Men: First Class Beast and Mystique

Here’s a few more pieces of the X-Men: First Class ensemble, in the form of a character banner. I think I’d enjoy this banner even more if they zoomed in on the far left of the photo and ignored everything else. Feel free to drool over January Jones as the White Queen:

X-Men: First Class banner

Though even Kevin Bacon has to admit, White Queen’s significantly less appealing when she’s doing her mutant powers thing:

X-Men: First Class white queen

Josh Tyler