Colin Ford Cast As Matt Damon's Son In We Bought A Zoo

Unlike the rest of the world, I am extremely excited for Cameron Crowe's upcoming We Bought A Zoo. Why? Because Cameron Crowe has written and/or directed three wonderful movies and two totally watchable films, which means when I walk into his next movie, I know there's a higher percentage chance of greatness than with most other directors. Beyond that, We Bought A Zoo is about a family who bought a rundown zoo to fix up. How cool is that? Throw in Matt Damon and possible bear attacks, and this film has at least a seventy percent chance of being above-average, which is in turn, is a sixty percent higher chance than would have of survival, if attacked by a bear. No word on how those figures change if he's in a Jason Bourne costume.

So, with all that being said, here's a little casting news for you. According to Pajiba, Colin Ford has been cast to play Matt Damon's son in We Bought A Zoo. For those of you who can read faster than use IMDB, Colin Ford is Young Sam Winchester on Supernatural, a terrible show I would never recommend anyone watch. He's also popped up in a slew of TV shows and has filmed scenes in movies not released yet.

In all honesty, I lobbied pretty hard for Dwight Schrute here, but apparently, the role called for a certain level of bear fear he just couldn't fake.

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