I really like Spider-Man, so I was very very pleased that Venom caught me. I'm wearing a Scarlet Spider mask and a Miles Morales shirt. That's so much Spider-Man!

I decided that I would find and take pictures of all Spider-Men that I could find, which joyously lead me to a bunch of kids who were at Comic Con because they are fans of Spider-Man. Yes. I was happy.

Highlights from Day 3 include: Pac Man! Tons of Star Wars on the floor, Court of Owls, Lady Avengers, Battlestar Galactica Season 3, Arrow!, a few Venture Bros repping, Dr Who finally shows up, Mario brothers, Mega Man, Karl Fredrickson, Devo, Dark Knight Returns Robin, other Robins and a Kilingon.

Con was great, I'll miss my Spider-Men

Love, Da7e

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