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Though the Saturday night Marvel panel at Comic Con featured footage and announcements about Captain America, Thor and the forthcoming The Avengers, Thor is the only movie remotely far along enough in production to talk about. So after the panel wrapped up many, many members of the press trekked over to a nearby hotel conference center, where the director, producer and stars were on hand to ask whatever questions we could come up with about a movie we've seen 5 minutes of.

The conversations took place in a noisy room and were incredibly short, but we've got the full crew on video talking about one of the most highly anticipated movies of next year. We'll be bringing you the full collection of interviews today, and first up are director Kenneth Branagh and producer (and Marvel chief) Kevin Feige, talking about the difference the budget makes for the director familiar with Shakespearean adaptations, and how they'll work the wilder aspects of Thor into the reality of The Avengers. Make sure to stick around until the end, where Feige addresses the Edward Norton-as-Hulk firing controversy and swears, "There's no bad blood."

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