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Welcome to Saturday! After a great first two days of panels, we enter the weekend with a truly incredible line-up including the much anticipated Marvel panel, Let Me In, and Paul, but before all that begins, we kick it all off with the stacked presentation from Warner Bros. which includes our first look at Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch and Martin Campbell’s The Green Lantern as well as even more footage from the upcoming Harry Potter films.

Green Lantern Panel

11:54 Green Lantern up first! Let’s light it up! Geoff Johns takes the stage to introduce the footage.

11:58 Short but absolutely awesome. We don’t see the suit in the trailer but the powers are there for sure. Big green fist, Hector Hammond screaming, all very quick shots. Quite short compared to the other footage we've seen here at the Con, but then again the movie isn't done yet. Here are the details: The trailer opens with a ball of green light that a voice over says feeds on a person’s will to glow, speaking directly to the audience. The ball gets brighter and brighter before getting to a quick montage that shows Reynolds running towards the crash of the spaceship, scientists performing an autopsy on the dead Abin Sur, and Peter Saarsgaard screaming (with a mutated head). Reynolds is then getting beaten up by a gang when we see the ring on his finger begin to glow. He picks himself up, and swings wildly at the air, but a giant fist emerges and blows everyone away. No comedy here but plenty of badass.

11:59 Greg Berlanti, Donald DeLine, Martin Campbell, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, and Ryan Reynolds take the stage

12:00 Reynolds says that the character can throw a punch, tell a joke and kiss a girl.

12:03 Sarsgaard describes his character's head as a 60 hat size

12:04 The director confirms that there is some humor in the film, largely thanks to Reynold's presence.

12:06 Campbell says that the costume isn't finished and does have black in it (but no white gloves). The idea behind it is to show something like human musculature.

12:08 Kilowog will be featured in the film!

12:11 There's still three weeks of shooting left to go in Louisiana.

12:13 Sarsgaard describes Hammond as "the kid who licked the battery"

12:16 Is this the start of a shared DC Universe? Johns says "maybe," but he can't talk about it here.

12:17 Sinestro gets a chance to "kick ass" while training Hal Jordan as a member of the Green Lantern Corps

12:23 Reynolds says Parallax will be in the film as a physical manifestation of fear and wasn’t sure if he was supposed to reveal that. Oops.

12:25 Each Green Lantern has a distinguished way of flying, and they are using rigs instead CGI for the flight sequences. Reynolds says everyone gets up on the rigs at some point.

12:28 Carol and Hal are very competitive in the film, both being test pilots.

12:29 Reynolds is giving away his ring! Apparently a chair had a hidden piece of paper underneath it and that person gets the ring. Reynolds says it means they are married...in space.

Harry Potter Panel

12:30 Harry Potter time! Tom Felton takes the stage

12:39 Two trailers for the film were shown. Voldemort must be the one to kill Harry Potter, the minister of magic dies, multiple Harrys in the same scene, Ron and Harry fight, Helena Bonham Carter escapes and plenty more. Even Felton was wowed by the footage.The footage was largely a mishmash of images, but did contain some very cool shots and scenes. These include: Voldemort leaning over a sleeping Dumbledore, dragons, fire, multiple Harrys standing in a room, Hermoine with blood on her hands (uncensored basically), the trio heading to the safehouse to be protected from he who shall not be named, Helena Bonham Carter breaking out of jail, Ron and Harry fighting, and a meeting in which Voldemort says that he must be the one to kill Harry Potter. Nothing not to love here.

12:40 Apparently Daniel cried like a girl on the last day of shooting

12:42 Another give-away, but they didn't say what they were giving away.

Sucker Punch Panel

12:43 Zack Snyder on stage to introduce Sucker Punch

12:45 Bringing the girls on stage to see the footage too: Carla Gugino, Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens, Jenna Malone, and Emily Browning. Roll the clip!

12:50 Stark, dark and quite beautiful. Supremely action heavy, even more so than Snyder's previous films. Featuring "When The Levees Break" by Led Zeppelin, the trailer begins with Browning's character being locked up in a mental hospital that looks like it is protected from every type of modern medical standard. Gugino's character, who speaks in a Polish accent, narrates, saying that she must open her mind and that she can control the world she has created. The action then begins with some beautifully inventive landscapes (we're talking desert with Saturn on the horizon) and plenty of hardcore action. There are dragons, robots, fire, guns and everything everyone loves.

12:51 Browning plays baby doll, step father puts her in insane asylum. Escapes through imagination. Hudgens plays Blondie who fits into the world with the girls and she gets to shoot some of the biggest guns. Malone plays Rocket, Sweet Pee's younger sister who introudces Baby Doll to the new world. Chung plays Amber and is the first to join in on Baby Doll's plan. Gugino plays a polish psychiatrist who is a S&M inspired madam in the made up world.

12:55 Each girl has individual dances. Sequence in the movie shows the day in the life of the reality that has been created. In that there is a dancing/singing aspect and each one had to do a singing/dancing montage.

12:59 Dances come from music therapy used by the doctor played by Gugino and the dances come from the reaction of each individual girl.

1:01 Chung apparently was given a crash course in piloting a helicopter. That should be interesting.

1:03 Browning says that there is no parody here: this is just strong women kicking ass

1:05 Same action choreographer on this film as 300 and Watchmen. It shows.

1:08 The movie has a chance of being rated PG-13. Possible backlash after Watchmen. Says that Peter Jackson was able to kill hordes of orcs and still have a PG-13 rating so he thinks this could be too.

1:10 Snyder says that is sexuality was called into question after 300. Gugino confirms that he loves women.

1:11 Snyder is currently working on the script for Xerxes based on the comic by Frank Miller (which is also being written).

1:12 Apparently Snyder tried to treat his own script with the same love that he treated 300 and Watchmen with. I guess he liked what he wrote.

1:15 Closing it out with the trailer again. Very cool.

1:20 It's medieval, it's futuristic, it's violent and it's sexy. In a word: awesome

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