Comic Con: Richard Dean Anderson Talks MacGyver Movie

I caught up with Richard Dean Anderson on the deck of an aircraft carrier this weekend. What the heck was I doing on the deck of an aircraft carrier? Covering the world premire of the new direct-to-DVD movie Stargate Continuum that’s what. Also, I may have re-bombed Pearl Harbor. I’m not entirely sure about that. There’s been beer since then. The premiere happened aboard the USS Midway, docked near the San Diego Convention Center, and Richard was there along with most of the rest of the Stargate cast.

I managed to pry him away from the Gate-faithful for long enough to hit the congenial Mr. Anderson with a couple of questions, and with all the recent rumors about the possibility of a movie version of MacGyver happening, I had duct tape on the brain. When I asked him what’s up with the project Anderson said, “I have heard something actually. I guess it might be happening.”

Whether or not he’ll be in it or whether it’ll actually get done is something else entirely. The best he could give me there was an “I honestly don’t know.” If they are doing it though, the original MacGyver says he’s “absolutely” ready to jump in and revisit the character on the big screen. Hey Hollywood! Give the man back his duct tape.

Josh Tyler