This past summer I had the opportunity to cover my first Comic Con. By the end of it, I was so exhausted that I could barely think straight for about a week following the event. I did, however, realize one thing: the convention needs to stay in San Diego forever. The thought was spurred by rumors that Comic Con would be moved to Los Angeles or Anaheim, but the problem with this is that even after decades of hosting, San Diego has yet to perfect the operation. Simply put, the first year at a new venue would prove to be an utter disaster. Fortunately, it's not something we have to worry about.

THR is reporting that Comic Con will be staying in San Diego for at least the next three years. A contract between the city and the Con has been signed and will ensure that the San Diego Convention Center will be the home of the event through 2015. In response to the agreement, Comic-Con’s director of marketing and public relations David Glanzer said “L.A., Anaheim and San Diego all had unique understanding of the challenges we faced and tried to mitigate those. In the end, we looked at what was best for the attendees.”

This really is good news for visitors of the convention. The city has spent years adapting itself to the event by adding hotels and even Hall H just for the Con. I also can't help but think that moving the event would have been a total betrayal to the city that has put up with the madness since 1970. The only bad part of this story is that we'll just have to go through all of this again in 2015.

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