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We still don’t know if that long rumored new Conan the Barbarian movie will ever happen, but one of the side characters from his universe is getting his own flick. Variety says Djimon Honsou is producing and starring in a movie based on the immortal sorcerer Thulsa Doom. Who the heck is Thulsa Doom?

In the original Conan the Barbarian movie, Thulsa is played by James Earl Jones. In Honsou’s spinoff feature, it sounds like they’re planning to use the character as he appears in the comics as a template. The movie will be an origin story about a flawed hero whose good intentions pave the road to hell.

I’m not sure why a secondary Conan character deserves a movie, but if you ignore the Conan connection… it’s about damn time someone got Djimon Honsou in some sort of barbarian warrior movie. He’s usually shirtless anyway, might as well give him a sword and some magical powers too.