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Conan Takes On The Help, And Re-Writes The War Horse Score

In anticipation of the Academy Awards, and perhaps as a cure for “Oscar Fever,” Conan O’Brien has been dedicating some time at the start of each episode this week to Oscar nominated films. Last night’s episode featured a segment that had Conan’s band (Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band) re-scoring War Horse.

Leading into the War Horse segment, O’Brien pokes fun at the notion of “Oscar Fever,” in typical goofy fashion, and then addresses the War Horse score. Something tells me Conan’s take on the War Horse score wouldn’t have worked so well. It may not be Oscar-worth, but it sure is catchy...

Nobody dances quite like Conan.

War Horse wasn’t the only film addressed during last night’s episode. Much in the way O’Brien and Andy did their own take of The Artist earlier this week, last night they took on The Help. Andy played the part of Hilly (played by Bryce Dallas Howard in the movie), while Conan played Emma Stone’s Skeeter. They enlisted the participation of Conan writer Deon Cole to play Viola Davis’ Aibileen. Suffice to say, he was less than enthusiastic about his part, and possibly the bit as a whole...

Which movie or movies will Conan take on tonight? Tune in at 11:00 p.m. ET on TBS to find out.