Confirmed: Terminator Salvation Is PG-13

It’s been known for more than month that Warner Bros. was pushing to get Terminator Salvation in with a PG-13 rating, despite promises from McG that he’d settle for nothing less than a gritty, bare-booby filled rated-R. Well Warner Bros. wins. It’s official, Terminator Salvation is a PG-13 movie, the first Terminator movie to receive any rating lighter than an R. That’s right, even the much maligned T3 was at least badass enough to warrant heavier than a PG-13.

The confirmation of the Terminator franchise’s transition from movie for adults to movie for teens, comes courtesy of the film’s official site, where they’ve gone ahead and posted the PG-13 rating, below the “Thursday May 21 We Fight Back” tagline. In the interests of honestly, they should probably now change that to “Thursday May 21 We Fight Back, But Not So Hard That It Might Scare Your Kids”.

Josh Tyler