Constantine Maroulis Shows His Sleazy Side On Rock Of Ages Set

Brace yourselves, Constantine Maroulis fans. (What are they called? Marou-maniacs? Con-fan-tines?) The former American Idol who made a name for himself – and scored a Tony nomination – in the Broadway production of Rock of Ages, was photographed with Adam Shankman and Matt Weaver, respective director and producer of the currently filming Rock of Ages film adaptation.

Shankman tweeted, “@ConstantineM and producer matt weaver rocked it today in #RockOfAgesMovie. Love u guys!” Then he posted the following visual proof:

It’s our first official look at Maroulis in character, though he isn’t bringing his stage role to the screen. While he originated the role of Drew in the Broadway show, an aspiring rocker trying to make it in Los Angeles, the 35-year-old talent was deemed a tad too old for the part. Instead, Shankman tapped Maroulis to play a sleazy record producer in the upcoming movie, hence the slicked back hair and snazzy suit.

It’s a nice gesture on Shankman’s part finding room for Maroulis in the full-blown film production and he joins a rock-solid cast that includes Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Mary J. Blige, Paul Giamatti, Bryan Cranston, Julianne Hough and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Rock of Ages uses hair-metal staples such as Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It, Bon Jovi’s Wanted (Dead or Alive) and Poison’s “Nothin’ but a Good Time” to tell the story of entertainment hopefuls trying to make it on the Sunset Strip. Not that anyone in the aforementioned cast outside of Blige is known for their vocal chops and musical prowess. Maybe Shankman needs to beef up Maroulis’ part? At least we know he can hit those ‘80s metal high notes if need be.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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