Corey Feldman Wants The Goonies 2 To Be An Indiana Jones-Style Adventure

There are a lot of ideas out there for The Goonies 2, yet none of them are earning a green light. Original Goonies director Richard Donner has one. Sean Astin says that he has one. And now Corey Feldman is saying that he helped cook up an elaborate plot for The Goonies 2, but at the very least, the actor understands why it’s likely never going to get off the ground.

Corey Feldman says that he and Goonies co-star Sean Astin became fast friends over the years, and they mapped out a lengthy plan for a new Goonies adventure, which they pitched to Richard Donner. Feldman tells Yahoo Movies that it would have expanded the scope of the kids-on-a-treasure-hunt 80s movie, saying:

What we came up with [had] far too big a budget for what they wanted to take on. We wrote something that was Indiana Jones-type big, with the characters going to different countries on this big adventure, with all these special effects. It was maybe a little too much. But I think that’s what you’ve kind of got to do in a sequel.

Feldman claims that Richard Donner was “really impressed” with the idea these former Goonies had come up with, but he admits that it wasn’t “the right direction” for the sequel to go. He tells Yahoo that Donner told him the plan for The Goonies 2 was not to expand on the mythology, but rather to try and replicate what worked about the original, creating a small-scale, character-driven adventure story that has a ton of heart.

For that reason, it almost sounds like the idea that’s eventually going to work for The Goonies 2 will be a story centered around the children of the original treasure seekers. Corey Feldman says that the last thing that he has heard, the Goonies 2 story has to be based in reality, and it has to be set in Astoria, Oregon. So that’s where the sequel stands.  

In reality, will this ever happen? The more that time passes, the more I’m inclined to say no. Several people with deep ties to The Goonies have pushed to get The Goonies 2 made, starting with Richard Donner, but no headway has been made. And while the cast seems eager, the right story is still necessary to pull this sequel off, and I’m not sure they’ve been able to crack that code yet… or if they ever will. I kind of like Corey Feldman’s idea for The Goonies 2, with the adults on a globe-trotting adventure. Do you wish we were able to see that on screen, somehow?  

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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