This night is shaping up to be a massive disappointment. Maybe Gary can turn it around by bringing some young blood into the mix. Except—what is this kid’s deal!

Time for a good ol' fashioned bathroom brawl!

Half-drunk, Gary and the gang have to decide how best to deal with this creepy conspiracy of possible pod people. Best have a drink and think this out.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the category of Best Guy on Gal (on Gal) Fight Of The Summer: we have a winner!

After so much brooding in Sherlock and moping in The Office, it is a total delight to see Martin Freeman be downright jaunty! WTF indeed!

From here, it’s a barrage of madness full of outlandish fight scenes, sneaky cameos, and guffaw-inducing one-liners.

But sometimes things get real: “We’ll always have the disableds.”

Gary’s devotion to finishing out this pub crawl has gone from great bad plan to totally bonkers plan—and yet I want him to make it and have that last pint! Run, Gary! Run!

In The World's End's end, Gary declares that mankind’s belligerence and stubbornness are among our best qualities. It’s Miracle-level inspiring, though also a bit depressing. Still…

And now an epilogue. To avoid spoilers, I will give no details other than to say it’s a brilliant end to this trilogy, being not only funny but also bittersweet.

Ultimately, The World’s End is brazenly hilarious, packed with outrageous action sequences, and offers a compelling tale of the downside of manchildhood. While it had a lot to live up to, it was my favorite of the three, in part because it doesn’t depend on an audience’s familiarity with a genre to succeed. It also feels richer than the other two, something I’m eager to explore with rewatching. As it was, I was so caught up in the quest of this comedy, that I could only glance at in-jokes and cameos as they whizzed by. But in a word: cheers!

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