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Could Harry Potter Be Bilbo Baggins?

This year’s Comic Con is really shaping up to be a big deal. Avatar will be seen, Tron footage will probably show up, and oh yeah Guillermo del Toro may be there to reveal the star of The Hobbit.

That’s right, if everything goes as so many seem to expect, there’s a good chance that Bilbo Baggins may be up on stage in Hall H next week. The question is, who will it be? The LA Times has a few theories. They’re dropping names like crazy and chief among them are James McAvoy, David Tennant, Jack Black (wha?), and a former boy wizard by the name of Daniel Radcliffe.

Of course the LA Times offers no reason to believe any of it, they don’t even have a source, just a lot of vague prophesizing. I’m sure fans will go nuts over the idea of Radcliffe in the role, but outside of Black I can’t imagine anyone worse. I know he’s beloved by fantasy fans, but I still don’t think the kid can act. He’s the weakest part of the Harry Potter movies and though I’m willing to put up with him there, I really don’t want him anywhere near by beloved Lord of the Rings universe. Besides, I doubt he wants to be typecast as the go-to fantasy kid. He seems pretty determined to craft some sort of alternate persona as a misogynist babe magnet. I imagine him attempting and failing at a remake of Cocktail instead.

McAvoy and Tennant would however, be utterly brilliant and in fact there’s some reason to think that Tennant might actually be their choice. Unlike the others, we already know that Tennant will be at Comic Con. Of course he’s also Doctor Who and he’s really there to promote the upcoming Doctor mini-movies… but now that those have been shot his run as the Doctor is over. As long as he's in San Diego, it’d be perfect if he slipped right in to the role of Bilbo Baggins.

It seems more likely that that the studio will want a name and that whoever that name is, it’s nobody on the LA Times list. Who would you like to see as Bilbo Baggins? Barring some method of magically de-aging Ian Holm, I’m still a big fan of Martin Freeman.