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Could Kick-Ass Show Up In X-Men: First Class?

I’m one of the few people who didn’t like Matthew Vaughn’s last movie, Kick-Ass, but even I sort of liked Aaron Johnson as the movie’s lead dork turned superhero. Why not give him another shot at it? And this time, maybe give him a better costume.

Filmonic has uncovered an image which they think indicates that Johnson could be meeting with Vaughn about working for him again, this time in his upcoming X-Men prequel, First Class. There’s not a lot of evidence to back this up really, but there is a picture. This picture in fact:

The photo was taken by Contact Music on May 17th, and it shows Matthew Vaughn, James McAvoy, and Aaron Johnson hanging out together. We know James McAvoy has since been cast to play a young Professor Xavier in the film, so it seems logical to at least consider the possibility that since the three of them are together, First Class must be the topic, and if it’s the topic then Aaron Johnson could be talking about being in it. First Class is a prequel in which the X-Men are teenagers and that means Aaron is the right age to play one of the major characters. Aaron Johnson as Cyclops? Seems like a perfect fit.