Could Sean Connery Be Daniel Craig's Father? A Skyfall Theory Digs Deep

James Bond movies usually don't earn the same kind of obsessive speculation that superhero or sci-fi movies do, since the world of those films is generally pretty simple. Bond is a spy, played by different people over the years, who operates generally within the rules of reality, with a few exceptions for spectacular gadgets. Maybe because Skyfall is such an enormous hit, even by Bond standards, but Skyfall is earning some of that speculation you might expect for a Batman movie-- and one Reddit user has come upon a wild but maybe-sortof-plausible theory about the identity of Bond's father.

If you've seen Skyfall you know that we get a little bit of information about Bond's parents, including a glimpse at Bond's father's tombstone and the family estate. In one of the film's many nods to the classic Bond films, there's also an appearance from the gray Aston Martin that Sean Connery drove in his tenure as Bond-- with the same license plate and ejector seats and everything. Those two details were enough for Reddit user EldarCorsair to spin off his own ideas about Bond's paternity. Here's a snippet from his theory below:

In the final act, we see the Bond parents' headstone, his father was named "Andrew Bond". So his first name can't be James....but we don't know his middle name.Could this be Connery's Bond - Andrew James Bond? Let's assume he is and that he is the first 007 since MI-6's inception. His exploits are detailed from Dr. No to You Only Live Twice (a fitting title, in regards to this theory), after which Andrew James Bond retires from MI-6.With SPECTRE still active and not wishing to lose their best defense against them (and partly in honor of their first 007 agent), MI-6 recruits more 007s (Lazenby is the next, Moore taking over after him, and onwards), giving them the false name "James Bond". This means that the code name "James Bond" theory is still relevant. More credibility is added to this theory in Skyfall when Bardem's Silva tells M to "use his real name".Fast forward, Connery retires to Scotland (taking the DB5 with), marries, and has a son...whom he either names James Bond or Andrew James Bond Jr. This is Craig's Bond. We can assume that Craig's Bond grows up with his parents before their death (possibly in a climbing accident, as in the novel) and that the elder Bond raises the younger with some of his own quirks.

Obviously there's nothing in Skyfall that points to Bond's father being a spy, and the presence of the Aston Martin is mostly an in-joke-- it's perfectly plausible for Bond to have bought the Aston Martin at some kind of antiques sale. The universe of the Bond movies isn't airtight like a comic book movie universe, with multiple men playing the same character across decades, with no indication of continuity between the films. But this is what fan fiction has always been about-- taking the existing facts of a story you like and coming up with your own possibilities within that world. None of this may be true, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to wonder if it could be.

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