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The Walking Dead is certainly one of the more popular shows currently showing on cable, having built a huge fanbase since its debut on AMC back in 2010. But could that success be transferred to the big screen? If it were up to series star Andrew Lincoln, he would jump at the opportunity in a heartbeat.

Inquirer recently had the chance to sit down with the actor - who plays group leader and former sheriff Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead - and it was during this chat that Lincoln discussed how enthusiastic he would be to see the acclaimed zombie show get a movie to add to the continuity. Discussing the recent deal that Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman made with Universal Pictures, the interviewer pitched the actor on the idea of the series getting a feature, and Lincoln responded,
That would be amazing. It’s something we’ve been talking about and dreamt of because it would be cool to see some snow. We were all going, just not to have to film in Atlanta where it gets to 100 degrees!

Andrew Lincoln has some much bigger thoughts for a movie beyond just a change in climate, however. He sees a lot of story potential in the idea of making a Walking Dead film, and feels that the medium could be used to explore elements that can't necessarily play in the show. It would also possibly present the chance to bring back some actors who saw their tenure on the series come to a grisly end. Said the actor,
What would be amazing is that you can play with form, time and chronology and maybe also rediscover characters who are no longer in the show. Certainly, with that format, you can do something very interesting and ambitious.

Naturally, this isn't the first time that the idea of a Walking Dead film has been proposed. Back in 2012 there were some rumors about rumblings on the television show's set that suggested that a feature could possibly be in the future plans, but it's been three years and there doesn't seem to be much forward progress with that idea. Of course, it's never too late.

While it may still be some time before The Walking Dead actually gets a movie, it's worth noting that the series is definitely extending its brand. In March it was officially confirmed that AMC is moving forward with a spin-off show called Fear The Walking Dead, which is scheduled to debut on the cable channel this summer. And who knows - maybe a movie event can be set up in the future that will see the cast of The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead meet up to go on a very special zombie killing mission.

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