Of Course The Joker's Suicide Squad Sports Car Is A DIY Experiment From Florida

When you’re creating a character for a film, everything about that character is important. Every last detail, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear, ios chosen to help tell the story about who this person is without having to waste precious screen time with extra dialogue. Even though we’ve spent only a few seconds with The Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad, we already know a few things about him because we’ve seen his car. Now, we know more about the car.

The reason the car doesn’t look familiar is because it’s one of a kind. According to a Florida news report, the vehicle is a custom "kit car" build by a man named Matt McEntegart in St. Petersburg. McEntegart is the founder of the Vaydor body kit company. If you have a spare frame of an Infiniti GT35 hanging around, you can order a custom fiberglass body from Vaydor to fit over it, though it costs about $60,000 to complete the transformation. Possibly a little expensive compared to a standard car, but dirt cheap if you put it up against the high-end sports cars that the company's product resembles.

Apparently, somebody who supplies cars for movies got wind of Vaydor and asked if they could used one as The Joker’s car in Suicide Squad. McEntegart was more than happy to lend his car, and thus get his company some killer exposure. You can see the car, with Batman hanging from the roof, in the official trailer.

It’s probably the perfect car for The Joker, all things considered. The purple color is, of course, ideal for the clown prince of crime. The car looks like it cost $1 million, which The Joker obviously stole from someplace, if he didn’t steal the car outright of course. While you wouldn’t expect Heath Ledger’s, or Jack Nicholson’s Joker to drive a car like this, Jared Leto’s version of the character looks like exactly the kind of psychopath you would expect to see behind the wheel of one of these. The fact that the car cost the production less money than a high-end sports car was probably very attractive to the studio as well. Whether or not the car survives the movie is unknown, but destroying cars on screen can get expensive.

So, if you’ve got 60 grand burning a hole in your pocket, you, too, can own the Joker’s flashy new sports car. Business will almost certainly pick up as the world becomes more familiar with the car and the company that designed it. Are you ready to go buy yourself a Joker-mobile?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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