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Courteney Cox To Make Directorial Debut With Indie Drama Starring Seann William Scott

After years of being in front of the camera on the small screen – as well as on the big screen in movies like the Scream franchise – Courteney Cox is ready to take a step behind them for her feature directorial debut.

The film is called Hello I Must Be Going, but I wouldn’t get too attached to that name, seeing as how Todd Louiso released his own Hello I Must Be Going just last year. The indie drama already has a cast, including Seann William Scott (Goon), Kate Walsh (Private Practice), Kyle Galliner (2010’s A Nightmare on Elm Street), and comedy vet Rob RIggle (The Internship). This is the first feature screenplay from screenwriter David Flebotte, who has a lengthy career writing for TV series such as Desperate Housewives and Boardwalk Empire, and also wrote for Cox’s FX show Dirt.

There aren't many plot details about Hello I Must Be Going available just yet, but we do know that Scott will play a man contemplating suicide who revisits his hometown to settle some scores. It’s bothersome that the word “comedy” isn’t used here at all, given Scott and Riggle’s involvement, but hopefully the subject matter allows for some dark humor sprinkles.

Cox probably caught the directing bug from having helmed around a dozen episodes of her sitcom Cougar Town, as well as the 2012 TV movie TalhotBlond. And we won’t have long to wait for this one, as it’s expected to go into production in Los Angeles later in the month.

Nick Venable

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