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Leonardo DiCaprio’s lack of an Academy Award is pop culture fodder. Leo’s constant process  of giving outstanding performances, being nominated, and then going home empty handed has been the subject of tons of memes, gifs, and posts across social media platforms. Now, since he’s been robbed so many times, it looks like some fans are going to extreme lengths to make sure that DiCaprio can have a golden statue of his own.

Vanity Fair is reporting that diehard Leonardo DiCaprio fans in Siberia, Russia are preparing for the worst in case he doesn’t win an Academy Award for his performance in The Revenant. Apparently the female Leo fans are donating their valuable gold and silver jewelry and trinkets to be melted down and used to form Leo’s very own special Oscar statue. That’s right, these fans are destroying their valuables so that the already super successful Leonardo DiCaprio can finally have an oscar. That is some dedication.

This effort is called the “Oscar For Leo” campaign, and it will apparently cost around $1,300 in U.S. currency to create the golden statue. Many of Leo’s Russian fans feel so connected to him through his work that they’ve taken extra measures to make sure the statue is still with them. For instance, some people donating one of their earrings and kept the other half of the pair. This way, part of the Oscar statue will stay with them. You can’t make this stuff up.

To date, Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for five Academy Awards for his acting performances, including his leading role of Hugh Glass in The Revenant. While Leo is known for giving amazing and extreme performance during his career, something has always gotten in the way of his Oscar win

This year has widely been known as the year of DiCaprio, because of the extreme style of filming that he subjected himself to during The Revenant. Principal photography took nearly a year, due to the insistence of using natural lighting. DiCaprio is also a famously method actor who took to the extreme weather conditions and scenarios during filming. He crawled up to dead animal carcasses, ate raw meat, and filmed in freezing water. Additionally, The Revenant itself was filmed chronologically, which added both time and money to the production as a whole. 

Only time will tell if Leonardo DiCaprio will be able to take home an Oscar for The Revenant this year. Here’s hoping he does, and his Siberian fans will get to keep their valuables.

For kicks and giggles, check out this compilation of DiCaprio’s Oscar defeats. We can only assume this is what his nightmare are made of.