We will have plenty of time between now and February 22 to celebrate the actors, directors, writers and films that earned Oscar nominations this morning. Right now, though, we get to channel our anger and frustration into a passionate list asking, "Where the hell are these deserving Oscar nominees?"

These are the people who fought long and hard to have their names read on Oscar morning. And most of them believed that they had a legitimate shot… hence, their status as snubs. The sad reality of the Oscar race – particularly in a year as fruitful as this – is that there simply aren’t enough slots in the major categories to accommodate every deserving candidate. So, these are the 10 Oscar hopefuls who were left out this morning, the 10 we really thought had an excellent chance of moving on to Phase Two of the Academy Awards marathon:

David Oyelowo
David Oyelowo, Best Actor, Selma
The Best Actor category was destined to be a heartbreaker this morning. There were simply too many talented men competing for five valuable slots. And I’ll get to at least one other actor who I thought could have earned a nomination this morning. But David Oyelowo’s portrayal of Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. showed us multiple sides of a complicated, striking historical figure, and his absence in this category really hurts. It doesn’t shock. I’ve been saying this whole time that too many gifted actors would be snubbed this year. But it hurts.

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