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Dallas Buyers Club Cast Talks The McConaughey Renaissance, Amazing Transformations And More

Ever since director Jean-Marc Vallee’s Dallas Buyers Club premiered at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival critics have been talking non-stop about the movie’s collection of absolutely stunning performances. Stars Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner all wonderfully disappear into their parts telling the true, amazing story of one man’s battle against a disease that hit our world like a plague back in the 1980s.

Based on a screenplay by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack, the film tells the story of Ron Woodroof (McConaughey), a wild-living Texas electrician and bull rider who one day discovers that he has been diagnosed with HIV and given only 30 days to live. Unwilling to go down without a fight, and also unable to afford the only medications available to patients, he travels down to Mexico where he discovers a full spectrum of holistic treatments that have been proven to slow the process of the AIDS virus but haven’t been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. Fighting the system, Ron teams up with a pre-op transsexual fellow AIDS patient (Leto) and sets up a buyers club where others with the disease can get the treatment they need – much to the chagrin of Ron’s doctor (Garner).

At a recent press event held in Beverly Hills I had the great chance to talk with all three of the film’s main stars to talk about their roles in the film and tackling such an incredible true story. Watch the interviews below to hear McConaughey discuss his recent incredible hot streak, Garner open up about diving into researching her part, and Leto talk about his amazing transformation.

Matthew McConaughey

Jared Leto

Jennifer Garner

Dallas Buyers Club arrives in theaters this weekend, and for more about the film be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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