Martin Campbell's Casino Royale is one of the best James Bond movies of all time. Going back to 007's origins and painting him as a much darker character, stakes were raised and we began to understand the British superspy better than we've ever understood him before. So to call star Daniel Craig's recent comments about the next entry in the franchise "bold" would be an understatement.

The actor recently sat down for an interview with Empire and said that the next Bond movie, Sam Mendes' Skyfall, will be better than Casino Royale. "Sam Mendes has lived with Bond all his life, and he grew up with Bond in the same way I did," Craig said, following his pronouncement. "We have exactly the same reference points, we both like the same Bond movies, and we both like the same bits in the same Bond movies we like." Going further, he said that their mutual love for Bond movies like Live and Let Die and From Russia With Love was instilled into the script. "He’s been working his arse off to tie all these things together so they make sense... in a Bond way!"

One obstacle to overcome is the last Bond film, however. After the impressive Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace left both audiences and critics feeling cold - and it's not something that Craig ignores. "On Quantum, we were fucked," Craig said. According to the actor, the script was hampered by the writers strike and it prevented them from getting a good script for the project. Because of the problems he even went as far as to write a few of the scenes with director Marc Foster and, as he said in the interview, "And a writer I am not."

The idea of a Bond movie better than Casino Royale is good enough to make any 007 fan's mouth water. Shame we have to wait until November 9, 2012 to see if Craig is telling the truth.

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