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After Elektra, you'd think director Mark Steven Johnson would never be allowed near a camera again. But not only is he still working, he's considering yet another installment in the Daredevil franchise. Of course he blames the crappiness of all his previous movies on studio interference. It's like a get out of jail free card for bad directors. Unless you're Uwe Boll of course, then you just punch your critics in the face.

The story comes from AICN who had a scooper at Wizard World Texas, where the Daredevil and Elektra director was on hand plugging his newest third-tier superhero movie Ghost Rider. There, Johnson spoke about his desire to make Daredevil 2, but only if the studio lets him make it the way he wants, instead of screwing with it the way they did on the first film. If he had his way, he's base it on the "Born Again" storyline from Daredevil's comics.

In the comics, "Born Again" is a story arc written by superhero guru Frank Miller. It details Daredevil's fall into insanity and utter destitution. Defeated by The Kingpin, DD struggles to drag himself out of the gutter and build a new life.

Of course if Johnson did somehow manage to talk someone into financing a Daredevil 2 he'd have to do it without Ben Affleck. Ben's made it pretty clear lately that he's done with projects like that. Instead, Affleck's growing out the goatee and going for grittier stuff like his upcoming ensemble heist movie Smokin' Aces. As a replacement they'd probably end up with a scrub, and no starpower would only make a DD2 even harder to sell than a movie about a hero whose superpower is blindness already is.

Alas, Elektra was such a bomb, that all DD2 plans were shelved right afterward. Still, Johnson would love to do more. Actually, he'd love to do more of just about anything. He's keen to do a sequel to Ghost Rider as well, so keep that in mind when you're buying tickets. If the film makes enough money, Johnson might get his wish.