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When The Dark Knight was released back in 2008, I didn't have the luxury of living near an IMAX theater. Though blown away by the film, I still wonder what it would have been like to watch the film on an 80-foot screen with certain scenes made specifically for the format. All of my friends that saw it in this fashion were blown away by it and made me feel like I was missing something great. Fortunately, Christopher Nolan may be giving both me and everyone else who missed The Dark Knight in IMAX a second chance in a very big way.

Collider is reporting the rumor that Nolan is planning to shoot The Dark Knight Rises entirely in IMAX format. According to an unnamed source, IMAX is in the midst of developing a smaller and quieter camera that would allow directors to shoot smaller scenes, such as ones filled with dialogue, in the format. If finished before the start of production in April, the rumor states that Nolan will use it for his next film. Supporting the rumor is the fact that Nolan has previously said that his third Batman film won't be in 3D, and the new camera won't be 3D capable.

Naturally this is very much a rumor, but how fantastic would it be if true? It's always great to see filmmakers experimenting with technologies that will improve the way that they tell their story, and Batman is a story that needs to be told on as big a screen as possible. All that we have to worry about is the technology getting to Nolan's head, but considering the fact that he's such an inventive storyteller, it's hard to imagine that he'd let that happen. Let's pray that this rumor is true.

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