If you enjoy following the game that is the box office, you're undoubtedly wondering if The Avengers can hang on to its record of the biggest all-time domestic opening, now that The Dark Knight Rises is blasting its way into theaters this weekend. Batman will have a challenge overtaking the Marvel team, as this weekend's movie doesn't have the added 3D ticket prices. But if pre-sales are any evidence to go by, the contest is going to be tight-- and the newest numbers from Fandango say The Dark Knight Rises might set that record after all.

In a press release the ticket sales company just announced that the Christopher Nolan film accounts for 91% of today's ticket sales, and almost every single IMAX midnight showing for tonight is completely sold out-- so don't count on showing up last minute and snagging a seat. Overall The Dark Knight Rises is ahead of where The Avengers was in ticket sales at this point before its release-- though, again, given the higher price of 3D tickets, that might not mean anything in terms of actual cash.

So the race between the superheroes at the box office may go down to the wire-- but hey, if you really want to see The Dark Knight Rises pull it out, it's not too late! That is, if there are still any tickets left to buy where you are. Here in New York, I'm pretty sure I won't have the chance to catch my round two viewing of the movie until sometime in August.

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