If you caught the IMAX preview of The Dark Knight Rises that ran in front of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol last December, or the much-hyped trailer that debuted not long after, then the latest TV spot for the movie is going to look a little familiar. Unlike the recent batch of spots that emerged a few days ago, which focused on a lot of Gotham residents, this one puts the focus back to the primary conflict between Bane and the Bat. Take a look below.

A lot of the most intriguing scenes are the one we've seen already or at least had hints of-- Bane holding Batman's mask and dropping it, the aerial acrobatics above the crashing plane, the crowds of people fighting the streets of Gotham. But as far as the new things go, the most interesting bit is probably Alfred accusing Bruce Wayne of "not being Batman anymore." Is that to explain the long break between the action of this film and The Dark Knight? Or is he reflecting on something that happens later in the film, when the threat of Bane has Batman wanting to hang up his cowl for good?

Neither of those questions are answered in the other new bit of marketing that also just emerged-- two more banners to go along with the others that have shown up recently. They're not quite as impressive as the ones that show scenes from the movie itself, but they're something, so take a look below.

The Dark Knight Rises, as if you possibly could have forgotten, comes to theaters July 20. For much more on the movie, and all the other images and trailers we've seen so far, visit our Blend Film Database.

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