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The Dark Tower Could Have A New Home At Warner Bros.

It seemed like an empty promise back in August of last year when director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer said that they would let their adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower die. While the format - three films and a television series to fill the time gaps - was something that all of the fans could get behind, the whole thing seemed too big for any studio to take a risk on. That could change.

While Universal eventually decided to scrap the project, according to Deadline. Warner Bros. is now in talks to pick The Dark Tower off of the trash heap. The site says that the deal would have Howard directing the first film while still using Akiva Goldman's script (which he will be giving a "polish"). Also mentioned is the possibility of Javier Bardem sticking with the movie, as he was Howard and Grazer's choice to play the hero, Roland Deschain - though that situation depends on possible scheduling issues. Should the deal with Warner Bros. go through, there is a good chance that the television series part of the epic would be shown on HBO, as both companies are owned by Time Warner. The whole thing could get going as early as the first quarter of 2013.

I know that fans have been waiting and hoping for this project to come back, so does it make you happy that it finally is? Is Warner Bros. the right home for the movie? Are you happy that Ron Howard is still directing, Akiva Goldsman is still writing and/or that Javier Bardem could star? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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