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If you have been paying any attention to the current TV and film business you will realize one thing: nostalgia is ruling the day. Classic movies and television shows are being rebooted, long awaited sequels are going into production, and remakes of beloved projects are becoming more and more common. One of the more accepted of these belated sequels is the upcoming untitled Blade Runner 2. With the always badass Harrison Ford returning to reprise his role, much of the new cast is still a mystery. But not for long.

Guardians of The Galaxy star Dave Bautista just tweeted an image and cryptic caption which heavily implies his involvement in the new Blade Runner film. Check it out below.

The meaning behind this tweet seems pretty cut and dry. Let’s break down exactly what we’re seeing.

The big guy himself is holding onto an origami unicorn. The use of origami is used extensively throughout the original Blade Runner, and the unicorn is the most significant. It’s essentially the symbol for Blade Runner as a whole, and represents Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard’s inability to truly find happiness with the replicant Rachael.

Basically everyone knows from looking at an origami unicorn that Dave Bautista is talking about Blade Runner. His caption "I can’t wait to share some really exciting news…" only further confirms this. If Bautista isn’t going to be in Blade Runner 2 then he’s the biggest tease in the history of teases.

Dave Bautista is the latest of what is turning out to be a rather impressive cast for Blade Runner 2. Harrison Ford will be returning to his iconic leading role, and reports have stated that he will be joined by some serious A-Listers. Those actors: Ryan Gosling and Robin Wright. This marks another impressive action flick for Wright, who will be playing an amazonian in DC’s upcoming Wonder Woman, in addition to her regular role in House of Cards. And now the addition of Bautista is yet another impressive actor attached to the project.

Originally released in 1982, Blade Runner is set in a futuristic Los Angeles (which is now only 3 years ahead of our current date). In this future world, genetically engineered being known as replicants are built and are essentially indistinguishable from humans. The use of replicants is banned, so agents known as Blade Runners must find any replicants that are living among us, and destroy them. Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard is on his final mission when the events of the film occur.

If anything, the production and casting of Blade Runner 2 gives hope to hardcore fans anywhere. If you truly want a sequel for your favorite film you might just have to wait and keep hope alive before your wish comes true.

We’ll continue to update you on Blade Runner 2 as more details become public.

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