Here’s one way to guarantee that a major movie studio films its massive tentpole picture in your country: Pay millions for the privilege of hosting a production that’s sure to generate thousands of jobs and potentially goose the local economy.

That’s likely on the minds of Australian officials who, according to Deadline, are prepared to pay Disney $22.5 million to ensure that David Fincher shoots his planned adaptation of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the land down under. The site says that the deal is "contingent on casting," but is sounding like it is very close to moving forward. Hosting of the massive production would be shared by Fox Studios in Sydney and Village Roadshow Studios in Queensland. Deadline cites the budget for Fincher’s underwater adventure at $150 million.

Obviously, this is a massive gamble for any studio, which is why the 20,000 Leagues adaptation has been languishing in development hell for years. At one point, back in 2009, McG was interested in tackling the project, and The Rock was circling a lead role. Fincher first came on board in 2010, and has been developing the movie behind the scenes ever since.

As for casting, Channing Tatum is the name most recently linked to the blockbuster, though he’s so popular right now, he probably hears his name attached to virtually every project that comes down the pipeline. This would be Fincher’s first film since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and a lengthy shoot could derail potential Girl sequels as well as table Fincher’s rumored interest in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. Which would you rather see Fincher dedicate his time to? Let us know.

What should David Fincher make next?

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