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Day of the Triffids, despite its silly name, sounds like a pretty awesome story. Plant life on Earth capable of fighting back against aggressors leaves most of the world blind after an “unprecedented cosmic event.” Sounds pretty rad, eh? The only problem will be forgetting about The Happening which approached the same principle of angry plants and failed miserably in execution.

This time around the film is being driven by Transformers producer Don Murphy who’ll be working with Michael Preger on this adaptation of the John Wyndham novel, first published in 1951. According to Variety, the project has been on the shelf for a while but since there has been such vast improvement in the world of 3D, the producers now feel that it’s the time to dust this puppy off.

The real funny part is that in the Variety piece, Preger spends some talking about how now is the right time, but just last year he produced a BBC mini-series based on the novel. Kind of silly, don’t you think, to say now is the right time when you just recently did it? It’s also strange to presume that you need to rely on 3D so heavily to make a good movie.

This project is still in the very early stages, but with Transformers guy on board and a guy who’s already made the thing once, it seems like they can’t mess it up. Here’s hoping I’m right.

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