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Last year, a ridiculously cool commercial for Philips Electronics came online. Titled Carousel, the two-minute video was inspired by The Dark Knight and featured an epic battle between criminals dressed as clowns and police officers. What made the video so impressive, however, is that the entire scene is frozen and is shot in a single take. Now the filmmaker behind it may end up being the man behind Deadpool.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Swedish director Adam Berg has popped on to the top of the list to direct the solo Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds. According to the site's source, it's not only the studio that's high on Berg's talents, but Reynolds as well. The film would be Berg's feature debut, but Carousel is one hell of a calling card, having won the director the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising prize.

The opening of the Deadpool script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick matches Berg's style in Carousel so perfectly that it's almost disturbing - as though they've wanted Berg from the beginning. It's also worth noting that Reese has been teasing his Twitter followers with an upcoming announcement for the past two days and has said that it has nothing to do with Zombieland 2. Perhaps it's the announcement of a Deadpool director? One can only hope. While I actually truly love the idea of Berg taking the helm, I must say that I'm concerned that he won't have the clout needed to ensure that the film gets the R-rating it deserves (unlike Robert Rodriguez who appears to have abandoned the idea). Until we know more, check out Carousel embedded below. It's guaranteed to blow your mind.

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