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Having already grossed over $325.4 million since it was released just last Friday, Deadpool doesn’t really need any help in the marketing department. But, in the same way that a striker inadvertently scores a goal with his backside when he’s on a hot streak, 20th Century Fox got a helping hand earlier today when an accident involving two trucks saw thousands of Deadpool comics plastered across a highway.

Now, it should be pointed out that no-one died in the incident, which took place just north of State Route 56 in Madison County, Ohio, but one of the drivers was taken to the hospital by medics for treatment. It’s been confirmed that the accident occurred when one truck, whose driver was asleep at the wheel, smashed into another that had pulled over to the side of the highway after breaking down.

As you can seen in the picture below, this then caused the contents of the obliterated truck to spill out onto the road, which caused huge delays on the road for commuters as traffic backed up for several miles.

On closer inspection it was revealed that the contents of the truck belonged to Diamond Comic Distributors, and the crash, which clearly opened up the entire side of the vehicle, had actually seen Deadpool comics spill out and then blow up and down the highway.

Obviously, comic book fans were soon worried that the latest edition to the Deadpool oeuvre wouldn’t be with them on time. And these worries were confirmed when Diamond Comic Distributors sent out an email (via Bleeding Cool) confirming that some of these arrivals would be delayed.

Those of you that are still waiting for your Deadpool comics to arrive are in luck, though. Because, as you might have heard, the Ryan Reynolds led adaptation of the beloved character is now in cinemas. And it’s been doing rather well.
However, I’m guessing that if you’re one of the souls who gets Deadpool comics delivered straight to your door, then you were probably already well aware of its release and success, whether you get your comic in time, or not.