Watch Ryan Reynolds Audition Unlikely Deadpool 2 Sidekicks

Deadpool is the most popular movie in the country right now. It’s so big that there are already plans for a sequel. Knowing that, it’s little surprise that other people in Hollywood are looking to get in on the action. One of them is late night talk show host James Corden. He wants to be in Deadpool so badly that he thinks the merc with a mouth needs a sidekick, just so Corden himself can play the role. Check out the comedian’s ideas in the clip below.

The premise of the sketch from The Late Late Show with James Corden is an impromptu pitch meeting so Corden can present Ryan Reynolds with a number of different ideas. As Reynolds points out, the entire concept of a sidekick really goes against Deadpool’s whole schtick, but the man cannot be dissuaded. What follows is a parade of the worst comic book superhero ideas since Combo Man. Having said that, there are some ideas here that are quite entertaining. How favorite has to be Strawberry ShortFuse.

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We have to assume that this was a rejected idea for Ben Stiller’s character of Mr. Furious in Mystery Men, as the two seem to have a superpower that simply involves getting really angry. We also enjoyed our brief glimpse at the king of the wild frontier house party, Ravey Crockett.

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While not the focal point of the bit, we have to say we love Ryan Reynolds "office" here. The best part is that the actor has a framed copy of a People Magazine with his face on the cover on the counter behind him, while he simultaneously is reading the same issue. Although if we were in the biggest movie of the year, we'd probably be a little full of ourselves too. We’re a little curious why Reynolds has a full size Green Lantern poster on the wall. We’d have guessed he would have replaced that with anything else by now, but to each his own.

Who do you think should be Deadpool’s new sidekick in the sequel? We’ll be taking applications in the comments.

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