How Ryan Reynolds Handled That Major Deadpool Naked Fight Scene

If you haven’t seen Deadpool yet, you might want to look away. There be SPOILERS within.

So, after this weekend most of us are still talking about Deadpool. Fans of the film are likely going over every aspect of the movie: the costume, the villains, the love story, the meta shout-outs…Well, there is one thing that people are definitely talking about, and that would be Ryan Reynoldsbuck-ass naked fight scene. The actor recently talked about what it was like to film such an intriguing scene.

You just have a little talk with the crew at the beginning of the day. You say, 'Guys, you're gonna see things that you maybe shouldn't see.' I kinda got an idea of what's like to work in the adult film industry. By lunch time, you're just like, 'Oh, Greek salad is good, isn't it?' and you're just totally nude standing there…I'm not above taking my clothes off for money.

Ryan Reynolds went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and revealed his coping mechanism for filming a nude fight scene with her. And it just so happens that that coping technique was just to let it all hang out when he needed to. Why wouldn’t the man at least put on a robe in between takes, you ask? I’m glad you brought that up. See, Reynolds is covered head to toe in makeup for the film to approximate the look of full body scarring that took place during his forced transition from plain old Wade Wilson into Deadpool. That makeup, apparently, took eight hours to apply, and, according to Reynolds it was kind of sticky. Meaning that if he sat down or tied a towel on or covered up with a plush movie-star style robe, it would just get stuck to him and, probably, ruin hours of makeup artistry.

In case you need a reminder (though I don’t know why you would), the scene in question occurs after Wade Wilson has endured arduous torture at the hands of Ajax and Angel Dust in order to bring out a mutation after they’ve pumped him full of an experimental drug. Wade is tired of the torture and determined to die on his own terms if he can’t escape them. He steals a match and manages to set the lab ablaze, and when Ajax comes to see what all the hubbub is about, Wade rushes him. The two fight in the fiery lab, and Wade’s hospital style gown catches fire. That’s when we first see Ryan Reynolds in the altogether. And, the scene doesn’t end for awhile. There’s lots of flippin’ and floppin’ to behold during the well-choreographed action, too.

You can watch the full Ellen clip below. And, remember kids, only fight naked covered in makeup if you’re prepared to have your dangles out at all times while brawling. If nothing else, Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool have taught us that.

Adrienne Jones
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