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The lush, emotionally repressed melodramas of the 1940s and 50s are as different as can be from most modern films, but they still have a way of sneaking back in to theaters thanks to contemporary directors who adore them. Todd Haynes won huge critical acclaim for his pitch-perfect Douglas Sirk homage Far From Heaven, and now England's Terrence Davies is trying his hand at the melodrama revival with The Deep Blue Sea, an adaptation of the 1952 play that, no, has nothing to do with the LL Cool J shark movie from the 90s. Try to contain your disappointment while you check out the lovely trailer for The Deep Blue Sea below.

I caught this movie at the Toronto Film Festival last week, and I can assure you what you see here is what you'll get-- a lot of deep feelings, soaring string music, Rachel Weisz crying and gorgeous cinematography. The acting is incredible, though, as you'd expect from material that allows everybody to express so many different emotions, and it's especially fun to see Tom Hiddleston, known mostly for playing Loki in this summer's Thor, put all those acting chops into an actual human character. The Deep Blue Sea wasn't my favorite movie I saw in Toronto, but movies like this-- "A beautiful swoon of a film" as one of the critic's quotes says--have their place too, and it's always good to see a movie that really digs for that deep emotion. The Deep Blue Sea was acquired by Music Box films at Toronto, and they'll have it in theaters later this fall to get Weisz her much-deserved Best Actress campaign; take a look for it in arthouse theaters then.