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Deleted Batman V Superman Scene Would Have Sent Clark Kent On A Mission, Get The Details

Warning: mild spoilers ahead for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s no secret that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is an absolutely massive movie. So much of its running time ended up on the cutting room floor that numerous deleted scenes will most certainly make their way to the Blu-Ray release of the film. We’ve talked quite a bit about Batman’s role in the film, but some of the most interesting deleted scenes in Dawn of Justice relate to Henry Cavill’s Superman, and his wariness of Gotham’s vigilante.

Speaking with Collider, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice producer Deborah Snyder opened up regarding one particular deleted scene involving Clark Kent taking a trip across the bay to Gotham City:

There's a really fun scene where Clark is investigating Batman, and he goes over to Gotham that I think you got a lot of information, and also it starts some connective tissue about events that are happening and he starts to think that, wait a minute, something else might be going on here. I think that's pretty cool without spoiling exactly what it is.

It’s not necessarily the most thorough description, but what we can glean from the scene seems to indicate that it would have shown Clark Kent conducting his own investigation into the mysterious Gotham Bat vigilante. Clark’s a reporter, and it would have been a pretty awesome experience to witness his brain in action without using too many of his powers; the final theatrical cut of the film really only shows him butting heads with Perry White before disappearing in order to commit more time to his Superman shtick.

Despite the fact that they share the title of the movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice can feel like a very Bat-centric film at times. Don’t get me wrong, we love the Caped Crusader, but we as an audience also already know from Man of Steel that Kal-El is not our enemy. It would have been nice to see the other side of this ideological argument a little more, and show Superman doing his own digging into the world of The Dark Knight.

You can check out the entire Collider interview with Deborah Snyder below to learn more:

What do you think of that deleted scene? Would it have helped the film, or slowed down the pacing of the narrative? Let us know what you think in the comments to keep the conversation going! Be sure to check out Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters right now!

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