Denise Richards Strips To Escape Obscurity

For whatever reason, stripper seems to be the hot new role to play in Hollywood. Natalie Portman did it, Lindsay Lohan did it, and now Denise Richards is doing it.

Variety says the actress, who much like parsley is usually used just for looks (though I hear she also freshens breath), has a part in an upcoming drama called A Beautiful Life. In it, Denise Richards plays an “exotic dancer”, which is a polite way of saying she shoves her crotch in the face of men for cash.

Does that mean Ms. Richards will try to find her way back to relevancy by getting naked on camera? It’s worked for other out of the limelight actresses, it could work for her. But the other thing that seems to have gone hand in hand with this stripper trend is that most of the time, the characters end up being the only strippers in the history of the planet who don’t actually get naked. Movie strippers. Will Denise Richards play a movie stripper or a real stripper? I’m betting the former, though unlike Portman and Lohan she may actually be desperate enough to play a real one. After all, her next movie has her “acting” opposite Pamela Anderson in a movie called Blonde and Blonder. Richards is Blonde, which I guess makes her the smart one. If I were her, I’d do just about anything to get away from her and into a decent movie. It really doesn’t get any worse than that.

Josh Tyler