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With the first poster having been released last week, it’s very clear that we will soon be seeing the first trailer for the new action thriller The Equalizer. While we’re still waiting for the footage to drop online, however, today USA Today has delivered a whole gallery of new images. Check out a selection above and below and see the full gallery over there.

Up top we have Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, a.k.a. the titular protagonist. He is a former government operative who faked his own death to get out of the killing business, and lives a quiet life as an Home Depot employee. One part of his life that he can’t shake, however, is the need to help David battle Goliath.

The Equalizer

Enter Teri, played by Chloe Moretz. She is a young girl who finds herself in trouble with the Russian mob, and after befriending McCall he decides to do something about her situation – no matter what it takes.

The Equalizer

Of course, every hero needs a big bad guy to face down, and in The Equalizer that antagonist is Teddy, played by Marton Csokas. Unfortunately, the USA Today article doesn’t have any details about the character, but from the looks of his tattoos and the expression on his face he appears to be very bad news.

The Equalizer

The context of his image is somewhat unclear, but it would seem that Teddy has trapped a young woman named Mandy – played by Haley Bennett – in a scary situation.

The Equalizer

Here we have a non-violent confrontation between McCall and Teddy in a pretty swanky restaurant. That room is so ornate that I’d be surprised if the end of this sequence features a big ol’ fashion shootout.

The Equalizer

Finally, we have the man behind the lens. Antoine Fuqua first worked with Denzel Washington back in 2001 – and the result of their collaboration was an Academy Award win for the star. I can’t imagine that The Equalizer will be aiming for Oscar glory, but the director-actor reteam could hopefully produce some excellent results.

The Equalizer will be in theaters on September 26th.

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