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The Dictator Red-Band Trailer Shows A Very Awkward Childbirth

Given that it's the new movie from Sacha Baron Cohen, you can pretty safely assume that The Dictator can only be properly promoted in a red band general, which allows him and his co-stars to unleash all the gross visual gags, curse words and threats of violence the movie has to offer. That said, the new red-band trailer for the movie is actually pretty tame compared to what the film itself has in store. Still, you probably ought to brace yourself for the sight of Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen putting his fist inside Kathryn Hahn's anus, along with a shot of a completely different baby with full beard and pubic hair. You've been warned!

Believe me when I say that the movie gets far more extreme than that-- though since I'm embargoed from telling you much more, you're just going to have to leave the rest to your imagination. My favorite gags in this or any of the trailers, though, remain the relatively tame ones-- General Aladeen shooting all the competition at his fake Olympics, throwing a trashcan on to the hood of a passing taxi, and kicking an obnoxious kid in the back. What can I say, I'm a sucker for lowbrow physical humor, and I think the outrageously lanky Sacha Baron Cohen is actually pretty good at it, whether or not he's wearing General Aladeen's completely insane beard.

The Dictator comes to theaters next Wednesday, May 16, and presumably by then not everyone in the world will still be busy seeing The Avengers. It's the first big comedy of the summer, and among the riskiest, with Baron Cohen introducing a new character and outside of the faux-documentary format that made Borat and Bruno tick. Can he pull it off? Will he get wiped off the face of the multiplex by Thor? Those kinds of speculative questions are what summer moviegoing season is all about, right?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend