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You knew it was eventually going to be made. It was just a matter of time. Well, now the Chilean miners movie is finally taking big steps towards production, and the first big step they've taken is that the film has found a director. Today there is news that Patricia Riggen has been hired to helm the project, which is based on the true story about 33 miners who were trapped underground for 69 days. Riggen, who was born in Mexico, is best known for her drama Under The Same Moon (a.k.a. La misma luna) and most recently directed Girl in Progress, starring Eva Mendes, Patricia Arquette and Matthew Modine,

Coming Soon reports that the film will be titled The 33 and that Mikko Alanne and Jose Rivera is writing the script. There has been talk about a movie based on the events for years now, beginning when Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment showed interest in the story in November 2010 and then in January 2011 when it was reported that the miners were willing to sell the movie rights to their experiences.

Riggen is actually already down in Chile with the producers of the film talking with the survivors of the incident. In a statement Riggen said, "“I was riveted - along with the rest of the world - as the drama of 33 Chilean miners unfolded. It’s been an extraordinary experience to meet the miners in person and hear from them the detailed account of their time underground. Since their rescue a little less than two years ago, the real story of their incredible survival has gone untold. In their darkest hour, they struggled to maintain their unity. The collapse brought out the best and the worst in them. Ultimately, the human spirit triumphed and all of them came out alive. I feel honored to have the opportunity to bring their extraordinary story to the world."

The entire film will be shot in Chile and in English. Talks have already begun with actors and distributors and they are currently aiming to start production in January of 2013 for a late fall release next year.