Dirk Benedict's A-Team Cameo Gets Him In Bed With Bradley Cooper

Sure the new A-Team movie looks sort of good, but the truth is that people seem to be more excited about seeing the original cast show up for cameos, than they are about getting to know the new guys who have replaced them. Sorry Rampage Jackson, you’re no Mr. T.

At least some of the original cast will be in the new movie pulling cameo duty and today Bradley Cooper spilled the details of Dirk Benedict’s cameo. In the original A-Team television series, Benedict played the team’s ladies man and professional seducer, Faceman. Cooper plays his character in the new movie and tells MTV the two will have scenes together. He explains, “He plays a guy named Milt. We’re in a tanning bed, in prison together.” I had no idea prisons had tanning beds. Weird, but if a prison did have such a device you can bet both Faces would be in it. The A-Team’s front man likes to look good.

Cooper says they talked about his part, and admits that he’s playing a tougher version of the character Benedict originated. Benedict, for his part, says that’s the way he’d always wanted to play it, if the network had let him.

Josh Tyler