You may not know director Dave Green's name, but chances are good you've seen—and been stunned—by his work. A helmer of music videos and commercials, Green has helped create that deeply weird "New Romance" video, that combined Saved By The Bell with Final Destination, and this freaky but funny Liquid Flow ad that boasts the insane powers of waterproof pockets. But it was his Hollywood-skewering web shorts—that also feature Miles Fisher—which drew the notice of studios.

In Pinkberry: The Movie and its follow-up Staff Meeting: The Movie Fisher played a trend-obsessed, high-powered exec ever in search of the next big thing. Offering a blistering parody of movie project development and a host of cameos including Charlize Theron, Shawn Levy and Max Landis, these vids made the rounds in Hollywood and drew Green some major buzz. With his wacky and irreverent sense of humor it's no surprise some studio made Green an offer to helm his first feature, it's just shocking that studio was Disney.

Variety reports Disney—which is totally guilty of the kind of development sins that Green mocked in Pinkberry—has lined the darkly funny director to helm an untitled "wolf adventure" that is now in development. Hurting from a projected $200 million dollar loss from John Carter, Disney is currently shuffling its production slate, moving costly live-action ventures like Order of the Seven to the backburner and moving forward with lower-budget productions. As such, it's expected Green's wolf movie won't be sporting a big budget, but from the looks of his past works, the sly director doesn't need one to do something eye-catching. Hopefully, he'll also find a spot for his crushing-it collaborator Fisher in this feature.

Disney is currently keeping the logline under wraps, but we do know this untitled picture will go into production this fall. Andrew Panay (When in Rome, Wedding Crashers) will produce.

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