Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez is the goods. You get the sense American filmmakers haven't properly learned to use him quite yet, but his presence onscreen is magnetic. Ramirez will be playing a member of the cloth in the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil for director Scott Derrickson. But is it possible he's developed enough of a working relationship with Derrickson to pop up in the upcoming Doctor Strange?

Edgar Ramirez has been doing the press rounds for Deliver Us From Evil, and when asked by IGN about Derrickson's Doctor Strange, he seemed coyly optimistic. His only words were, "We're talking. We've been talking." How cryptic of you, Ramirez! Does this mean he's playing Doctor Stephen Strange? Does this mean he's a huge fan of the comics? Does this mean he's doing the catering for Doctor Strange? Can Edgar Ramirez make a mean pound cake?

Rumors pegged Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy as contenders for the lead role in Doctor Strange. No offense to Mr. Ramirez, who is terrific, but he doesn't seem to have the same level of star wattage of those two, so it's hard to see the heavily-accented character play Doctor Strange. Which is fine, since Ramirez has other, better, more interesting characters to play. He was great in Steven Soderbergh's Che, and he absolutely ruled in Olivier Assayas' must-see miniseries Carlos (which is currently on Criterion, and you need to go watch it right now).

Ramirez is next set to step into Patrick Swayze's immortal boots for the Point Break remake, arguably his biggest showcase yet. But it seems more likely that if he's playing someone in Doctor Strange, it's a smaller role. Could he be playing Strange's longtime enemy Baron Mordo? Like Strange, Mordo was also a student of "The Ancient One," though when Strange usurped him to become the prized pupil, magic drama happened. Serious magic drama.

Or maybe Edgar Ramirez is the Strange ally, Wong, the questionably obedient sidekick for most of Doctor Strange's early adventures. It's a little questionable to have a Chinese manservant in 2014, but it was all the rage back in the sixties. At least if you were a fictional character who didn't consider minorities to be actual people. Oh, comic books. Whatever the case, Ramirez has a commanding physicality, one that makes him perfect for a villainous role, as he previously played baddies in The Bourne Ultimatum and Wrath Of The Titans. Hopefully Derrickson is able to use him in a respectful manner.
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