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Dominic West And Rosamund Pike Cast In Johnny English Reborn

Back in July we reported that Gillian Anderson had joined Rowan Atkinson in the sequel Johnny English Reborn. Things have been quiet since, but now the casting is starting to get rolling again. THR reports that Dominic West and Rosamund Pike have signed on to the film. Directed by Oliver Parker and written by Hamish McColl and William Davies, the film will see the inept British secret agent attempting to stop a group of assassins' plans to kill the premier of China.

I understand that The Wire is no longer on and Rose Byrne replaced her in X-Men: First Class, but are West and Pike really so desperate for work that they will star in a James Bond spoof that makes Austin Powers look Oscar worthy? While a flop here in the states, the film was a massive success overseas, which is why the sequel exists in the first place, but that doesn't excuse it's 33% score on Rotten Tomatoes. West, Pike, Anderson and even Atkinson are above this movie.

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