Donnie Darko 3 With Richard Kelly?

Fox may be planning a third Donnie Darko, but the good news is that it may actually involve Richard Kelly. Bloody-Disgusting says they’ve got it in development, and Kelly could be a part of it… though in what capacity it’s unclear. Right now it’s all just rumor.

If they do somehow manage to bring Kelly back I say let’s pretend S. Darko never happened and start the sequel thing back over from scratch. Though even if Kelly’s involved, maybe that’s not all that much better. His post-Darko career has proven rather definitively that Donnie Darko was a fluke and though he came up with it, he really doesn’t understand why his movie was so good. The return of Richard Kelly may not be the cure this franchise needs. Actually what it needs is not to be a franchise. The original Donnie Darko was always just fine by itself.

Josh Tyler