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Downey Jr. Adding Heist Film To Already Long In-Development List

Robert Downey Jr. is a busy man. He's Tony Stark, he's Sherlock Holmes, he's heading to Oz, he'll float in space, and he's just created his own production company with his wife through Warner Bros. called Team Downey. Less than 10 years ago he was all but forgotten by the mass audience, but now it appears that he's making up for lost time. That's right. He's making yet another movie.

Set to be the first film made by Team Downey, RDJ will produce and star in Yucatan, according to Deadline. Originally developed as a starring vehicle for Steve McQueen, the project is a heist movie based on papers found in a trunk after McQueen's death. The history behind the movie is quite long, McQueen having developed it over a number of years. According to the report, it wasn't so much a script they found as it was 1,700 pages of notes and storyboards.

Back in November, Downey Jr. told Entertainment Weekly that, while he's on the greatest streak of his career, he's not sure how much time he has left as an actor. The man is certainly one of the best (if not THE best) working in Hollywood today, and it will be quite a blow to the film world once he retires. Until then, however, more RDJ is good RDJ and we should enjoy him while he's still here.

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