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Dredd 3D Reveals New Featurette, Shares Full Musical Score

Dredd 3D doesn’t sound like your typical film-festival feature. And yet the gritty reboot of the classic comic book adaptation has entertained the masses at San Diego Comic-Con, and is about to make a splash at the Toronto International Film Festival (as part of the famed Midnight Madness program, but still, Dredd can forever say it’s a TIFF film).

As director Pete Travis continues to tease fans ahead of the movie’s September 21st release, MTV today posted a behind-the-scenes feature that’s loaded with tons of new footage from the futuristic thriller. We have it for you below:

That’s Star Trek star Karl Urban in the Dredd mask, and don’t expect him to remove it at any point in the feature, which promises to stay closer to the vision of comic creator John Wagner than the Sylvester Stallone film from 1995.

“You couldn't respectfully call it a Judge Dredd movie if I'm taking my helmet off," Urban said. “That's the way the character was conceived by [Dredd creator John Wagner] back in 1975. I was a fan of this comic growing up, and when I learned that they were going to do a completely new reboot, I read the script, and as soon as I saw that we were treating it with respect that was it."There were many challenges of making this movie. For example, I don't have my eyes. That's a huge tool for an actor," Urban continued. "That meant I had to explore every other element to me. The voice, the movement, how you do what you does becomes very important. It was a huge challenge."

In addition to the featurette, the techno-anagry Dredd score has dropped on Digital Spy, giving fans their first listen at the tunes to which Dredd will judge by. Track selections go by the names “The Rise of Ma-Ma” and “Lockdown.” Vague enough so as not to spoil the film, which I caught at Comic-Con and said, “Urban’s Dredd, and Travis’ forceful direction, wash away the memories of Sylvester Stallone’s 1995 take on the character in a stream of blood and bullets.”

Listen to the score via the embedded player below. Dredd 3D opens in theaters on Sept. 21.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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