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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good, baseless, probably false casting rumor that didn’t involve Batman. Here’s one.

Yesterday, the very hard to navigate website ran a story claiming that David Duchovny will replace Eric Bana as Bruce aka The Hulk in Marvel’s upcoming sequel Hulk 2. It’s a somewhat odd casting choice, but everyone ran with it.

Normally I’d take the casting of David Duchovny to be a sure indicator that this sequel is headed straight to video, but earlier today Marvel head Avi Arad confirmed to AICN that Hulk 2 will not be straight to video, but will absolutely be a theatrical release. Alright, so it’s coming to theaters, so what the heck are they doing with a C-list actor of limited range like Duchovny? The guy hasn’t emoted since The Red Shoe diaries and I can’t see him tackling emotionally demanding material like Hulk. Nobody fears Duchovny’s rage.

But, he’s not cast in the role, not yet anyway. Marvel’s simply touting him as their frontrunner to fill the hole created by Bana's departure. This tells us that they’re either taking a page from Uwe Boll and rooting for the movie to fail or they’re just randomly tossing names out to throw us off the real scent. Whatever’s happening, Hulk 2 is starting to sound like a great big mess. More on Marvel’s next failure as it develops.