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Due Date Clips: Zach Galifianakis Eats Breakfast And Buys Weed

By next week we’ll all be sick of horror movies and that’s probably good news for Due Date, the Zach Galifianakis, Robert Downey Jr. team-up comedy which will absolutely not feature a cameo from Mel Gibson. Of that much, you can be sure. Luckily Zach G doesn’t seem to have a problem working with a reformed drug user because he and Downey seem to have good chemistry in everything we’ve seen from the movie.

We have two new clips from Due Date in which Zach explains his father’s ashes over breakfast and in which Zach makes plans to buy weed before taking a pee pee. It’s not exactly Planes, Trains, and Automobiles but unless someone’s figured out a way to reanimate the corpse of John Candy it’ll have to do.

Ok let’s be honest. The Due Date trailers are funny but these clips are mediocre at best. For me, the highlight in the above two minutes was the Subaru Impreza, and I say that only because I have one. Yep, this movie blogging thing is really paying off.

Due Date arrives November 5th. Visit our preview for more info.